Differences Between Men and Women

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Remember the silly sayings kids would tease each other with in kindergarten? Sayings such as, "Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider, boys go to mars to get more candy bars." Even during childhood we knew that men and women are different. But just what is it that makes each gender so different from one another? Think about it, males and females breath, eat, and reproduce. Each has one heart, two lungs, two legs, two arms, one brain. So what is it exactly that makes each so different? Biological, environmental, and cognitive psychological sciences have broken down exactly what it is that makes men and women so alike and yet so different. Molly Edmonds, a writer for How Stuff Works, has explored the realm of the brains in men and women. She has found that men's brains are actually bigger than those in women. The reasoning for this is not necessarily that men are smarter but that women have a bigger limbic cortex and frontal lobes which control problem solving, decision making, and emotions; hence the reason why women show emotions show much more than men do and are much more decisive. Men however, have bigger parietal lobes which involves space perception and the amygdala, this is responsible for sexual and social behavior (Edmonds 2). Women's brains are also more complexly set up and work faster than men's brains. Women think with white matter, this consists of more connections between the neurons. These neurons are also closely packed together; this explains why women

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