Differences Between Mesopotamia And Egypt

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Although Mesopotamia and Egypt are similar in many ways, they also have many differences. This essay will point out the differences and similarities of how these civilizations were governed, how the geography affected the people of these civilizations and the outlook these people had.

Geography helped to define both Mesopotamia and Egypt, but Egypt, without a doubt had an easier lifestyle and definitely not as difficult as Mesopotamia. Egypt was mostly cut off from the entire world by the environment on all sides and was safe and calm for many years. As a result of this they developed much differently politically, religiously, and socially compared to Mesopotamia.

The geography of Mesopotamia affected the people in many ways. The people started their cities on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. They did this, most likely because farming was only possible with good irrigation. Also because the rivers had a good supply of fish. However, even though the rivers provided all of this, they caused a great amount of destruction and death with unpredictable floods.

The geography of Egypt affected the people their much differently. The Nile river was very fertile and easy to farm because the Nile flooded very predictably, unlike the rivers of Mesopotamia. The Nile made it easy to travel up and down the river, making it easier for Egypt to unite, much different from Mesopotamia. Egypt was also very isolated due to the deserts surrounding them. These characteristics resulted in…
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