Differences Between Modern And Modern Society

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In evaluating contemporary society, it becomes immediately apparent that men and women remain on unequal footing. Lingering inequities still exist because, despite the virtues which both offer, each differs from the other insignificant ways. Modern research indicates that these two genders not only have extreme biological differences different approaches in how they communicate with the world around them. Specifically, they exhibit differences in how they interact with others, how they express their emotions, and, on a physical level, they even differ in how they perceive pain. Importantly, such differences do not necessarily mark one gender as better than the other. In fact, these differences are necessary and our continued existence depends on them. These unique contrasts compliment and parallel one other and parallel in a way of specific design that enhances the complex beauty of every civilization that has ever existed. Our current society has a problem -- we strive for every aspect of personal and professional life to be objectively equal and fair. Marriage now has to be altered to whatever combination some people desire so it isn’t considered discriminatory, employers are forced into employing an equal amount of both genders or else chance lawsuits or other legal actions that could destroy their business. Our society has truly failed us because they do not understand the nature of men and women. We place standards on “equality” and “fairness” when there really should
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