Differences Between Modern Liberalism And Modern Politics

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The moment the founding fathers of the United States officially declared separation from the monarchy of England several policies and ideologies were thought of to be the future of the country. Today we have centralistic ideologies of both Modern liberalism and modern conservatism which are rooted into the path the founding fathers chose. These roots date back to the 17th century up to the early 20th century yet our nation in modern times is rooted into two different political majority parties which carry different ideologies yet similar interests (within themselves). We have to understand these parties and dominant ideologies to even comprehend American politics and understand the similarities and differences of ideologies of parties. Both ideologies of modern conservatism and modern liberalism are rooted within classical liberalism/conservatism and how it has evolved into our modern day versions according to factors of present and past-day along with how it evolved in other countries (England). Along with that we see how our majority parties have adopted ideologies of these beliefs and how our politics have been influenced by these ideals.
First we must look at the root of classical conservatism to understand how our modern ideologies rooted from this ideology. Classical Conservatism (also known as traditional conservatism) was mainly around the 17th to 19th century in which the adapters of this ideal “Sought to defend the status quo against the challenges of modernity,
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