Differences Between Modern Society And The Middle Ages

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Have you ever thought about the differences between modern society and the Middle Ages? What stick out immediately are things like cars, cell phones, and running water. But when you think about it, the items previously mentioned are really just enhanced versions over what was available in medieval times. Instead of cell phones, they sent letters. While they didn’t have cars, they could travel on horse and carriage. Another noticeable difference between then and now is that the kingdoms of the Middle Ages have been replaced by democratic governments. While there are plenty of differences between a kingdom and a government, one thing that they have always shared is the duty to take care of its citizens.
In America, our government continues the
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Roosevelt in 1935. The core content of the program was modeled after a similar practice that was prominent in Europe at the time; Europeans referred to it as Social Insurance. President Roosevelt believed a contributory system that allowed workers to play an active role in preparing for their future financial security through taxes paid in their working years, could help with the economic security problems of the Great Depression. In the years after it was passed in 1935, the United States Social Security program was the leading model for other world nation interested in implementing a social security system (SSA,…show more content…
The disability coverage allows people who have paid into the Social Security program to receive money to offset the loss of income due to an inability to work. Medicare is a national health insurance program that covers the elderly and those with disabilities. Finally, the Supplemental Security Income program provides monthly payments to the elderly, as well as adults and children with disabilities that have limited income or
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