Differences Between Multiracial And Single Race Development

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Differences in Multiracial and Single-Race Development
Lucas Tran
Palm Beach State College

The purpose of this paper was to look into the differences in development between those of a single ethnic background and those of multi-ethnic background. This paper goes on to glance at development in terms of the sociocultural theory and the ecological systems theory. It takes language development, the development of an identity, and the interactions with society in consideration when comparing biracial and monoracial peoples. At the end of this research period, it was found that those of multiple ethnic backgrounds had a general advantage in many different areas when compared to those of a single race.

Differences in Multiracial and Single-Race Development
The Multiracial population within America is a rather large and, in terms of psychology, under researched portion of the populace. According to the US census of 2000, which was the first of its kind to allow citizens to select and identify as more than one race, registered over 6.3 million biracial citizens ("MULTIRACIAL PROFILE," n.d.). The rate at which this group expands is forecasted to rapidly increase as time goes on. Chong (2015) and Kuo (2015) state that “the number of multiracial births in the United States has increased by 260% since the 1970s, as compared with 15% for the number of monoracial births.” As the ratio between the monoracial population and the biracial population
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