Differences Between My Mother And Father

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Growing up in the same household for eighteen years has made it very easy for me to distinguish the differences and similarities between my mother and father. Being the only child, I’ve gotten most, if not all, of my parents’ attention and with that I’ve been able to examine my parents’ characteristics without any disturbance from siblings.
My parents had opposing views on many things. They were opposites when it came to parenting, socializing and behaving, but the major differences in my parents’ characteristics became easily noticeable when I made the transition from elementary school to middle school. It was a few weeks before my first day in middle school when both of my parents received an automated phone call regarding open house.
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Over time, I began to notice that my mother was stricter and my dad was more lenient when it came to finishing up my work and enjoying my free time. My mom always wanted me to do extra studying so I could do well in school, while my father would take me out to the park or the swimming pool. He thought that in order to perform well in school I had to take breaks and relax my mind while my mother just wanted me to study and complete homework nonstop with very little time for recreation.
Being a child, I sometimes caused trouble in my classrooms, and as a result I would usually get a phone call home. I would always beg that my teachers call my father instead of my mother since she was so strict. My father wouldn’t punish me much, he would just warn me not to cause trouble again. Unlike my dad, my mother always expected the best of me. She wanted me to be an exact duplicate of her. If I got in trouble and she found out I would always expect my games to be taken away.
Over the course of the school year, both of my parents would always take interest in my activities. I noticed that when it came to similarities they both were really supportive and encouraging. I was enrolled in the Canyon Vista Band, where I played the trumpet. I was also part of the middle school 's Football team. Both my mother and father would encourage me to try my best to excel in school-related activities. They would always come as a pair to watch my performances and
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