The Age Of Nationalism And Integration Has Shaped The Country Of Europe

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Europe has seen a great number of varying ideologies from 1815-2015. The age of “isms” greatly shaped the country of Europe and also led to the rise of beliefs that were controversial and led to the world wars. Although both nationalism and integration have played a monumental part in the development of Europe, in the future nationalistic views will overrun the few who believe that the best future lies in integration. Nationalism evolved from the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte which showed countries such as Germany and Italy how good it felt to be united and was the major ideology behind the 1848 revolutions. It is an intense identification with one’s ethnic or cultural heritage. The two types of nationalism include cultural and political…show more content…
There were three obstacles in the way of Italian unification: Austria, France, and the Roman Catholic Church. Austria ruled all of Northern Italy and thus did not want to give it up. This mindset was similar to the mindset of the French who also ruled land and were also very involved in Italian politics. Because Italian unification would greatly limit their ability to govern in Italy the French also opposed Italian Unification. The last and final obstacle was the Roman Catholic Church which opposed Italian unification because the Pope would have to give up his land, the Papal States. Eventually people started to take action and start nationalistic movements against the Austrians, French, and the Roman Catholic Church. In 1832 Joseph Mazzini, also known as the Father of Nationalism, created a group called “Young Italy” through which he spread his nationalistic views to the Italian Youth. In the end Camillo Benso di Cavour, the prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and Giuseppe Garibaldi, another revolutionary made a pan and slowly united Italy to form one country. The same nationalistic movement also occurred in Germany which left Germany united as well. In response to all of the violent nationalistic movements the idea of integration was born. Integration is the combination of two or more things to form a whole. In this case integration is the bringing together of all of the European countries as one. The nationalistic causes of the world wars had devastated
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