Differences Between Object And Colour

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Assignment 2

Discerned as the most common essences in the society, object and colour they are interrelated. Substantially,the correlations are inevitable. Therefore it is not easy to address the works from these aspects instead
I would like to address the prominent elements of each work to elaborate more on it.

It might be confusing yet this is one of the problem that I strive to tease out because both object and colour are not authorised a declaration. They do not have the perfect exemplification to explain thoroughly unlike science fomula

Intrinsic complexity

‘defies linguistic description, and its intense engagement of feeling and sensitivity to context. whereby the architectural space becomes the arena for an experience that melds physical and immaterial/mental coordinates. What their work has in common is an immersion in the present and the displacement of cognition by experience.

頭Nowadays we might be confronting with the situation that We put our own side of asthetic opinions on to objests so much that we do not think of what their intrinsic vales truly are, or the impact they actually bring us nor their relationships between the environment!
For the Turner Prize exhibition The main piece of work of Karla Black is called Doesn 't Care In Words(2011), a hanging sculpture made of cellophane, paint, sugar paper, chalk, plaster powder, powder paint, sellotape, cosmetics, paint, vaseline as well as moisturising cream. Bath bombs are scattered with…
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