Differences Between Oedipus Rex And Medea

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In an argument, everyone likes to be right. No one wants to be the person who is wrong. People all have their own way of seeing what the truth really is, and their contrasting opinions could potentially create conflict. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus wants to know the truth about the murder of King Laius, and by extension about his parents. In Medea, the titular character claims that the truth of her husband Jason’s sudden marriage of another woman is that he no longer loves her. Oedipus wants to know what truly happened to Laius and does not let anything stop him. Medea on the other hand, has her idea of the truth set in stone and nothing will change her mind. Both characters have their beliefs of the truth, and their differences in those beliefs is what shapes their characters and actions.
Both Oedipus and Medea believe that they know the real truth of their respective stories. To begin, Oedipus clings at first to the belief that he is not the murderer of Laius, even in the face of Tiresias, the prophet who claimed he was the culprit. His responded to Tiresias with anger, asking “Aren’t you appalled to start up such a story? You think you can get away with this?” (403-404) Oedipus truly believed he was not guilty, going as far as to deny the words of a prophet that Oedipus himself called for to find the murderer and to claim Tiresias is colluding with his friend Creon to usurp the throne from him. This all came about due to Oedipus being ignorant of his recent past and forgetting

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