Differences Between PPO And HMO

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The relationship of an HMO and its physician member is to help provide a wider range health care for its patients and a wide area of services available for its physician members. A patient must choose a primary care physician from a list of providers. The relationship with the physician provided from the HMO is in a contract that is to deliver services to their patients for a fee. There can also be a group plan which is a HMOs contract with a group of physicians to deliver services. The HMO organization compared to PPOs, a PPO is a variation of an HMO, and it features traditional insurance and managed care.
The PPO gives discounts, with its doctors and hospitals that participation, and then pays a fee for services given. Patients have a list that they can pick from for a primary physician. The patient pays a set fee per office visit and the insurance provider pays the rest. It’s basically a co-payment which depends on what type of plan they have. However, like an HMO, the PPO has to choose a physician in that network, if they don’t they may be charged a penalty.
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The principle of direct liability is an individual or business established on negligence or any results in harming or damaging to another individual or their property. Hospitals or providers are liable for the conduct and treatments provided by their physician members. Any damage or treatment a physician’s provides is covered by the hospital. Enterprise liability is a legal matter that a related corporations or people can be held responsible for any actions, damage or wrong
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