Differences Between Pharmaceutical Medicine and Natural Medicine

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Differences between Pharmaceutical Medicine and Natural Medicine Humans want a way of healing that works and is safe for their bodies. Though pharmaceutical and natural medicine work in different ways, the primary aim is to alleviate pain, suffering and curing diseases in humans. Both of these medicines have different underlying principles of dealing with ailments. Exploring each side, to see how they are different, or how they are the same, is the only way to answer the following questions; what is going to work best and what is safer to use? I have done some research to explore the differences and similarities so you, as the reader, can decide if natural remedies promote a longer, healthier life. Dr. Valinda Gueye…show more content…
This example comes from 2001, imagine what the cost today is, with everything skyrocketing. Due to high cost of prescription medicine, senior citizen end up skipping doses or leaving prescriptions unfilled, which comes from an article that Lynn Keiley and Stephanie Bloyd (Dec 2006/Jan2007), had discussed. With outrages cost, more individuals should turn to natural remedies to save money. Lynn Keiley and Stephanie Bloyd (Dec 2006/Jan 2007), also discussed, that the FDA is held responsible for the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. According to Marcia Angell, M.D., former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, the last crucial stage of research and development is usually sponsored by the companies that make the drug, these companies can actually rig their clinical trials, making their drugs look better than they are. FDA will not approve the Natural Medicine, and leave these behaviors unlooked. The United States calls natural herbs food, but are not responsible for the safety and efficacy of the natural products. Complementaryhealing.com (2014), comments that the United States government reported 0 deaths due to naturals, but on the other hand, prescription medicine and over the counter medicine kill more than a million Americans every year. Humans need to take precautions,
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