Differences Between Physical And Human Geography Essay

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Exam# 1- Section# 2 - Discussion/Essay Questions Question #1: Explain the differences between physical geography, human (or cultural) geography, and regional geography. Give examples of each. A: The major difference between physical and human geography, is that physical geography exists without the presence of human beings, as where human geography is a byproduct of human activity on the earth. Regional geography is a study of both physical and human geography with in a specific spatial unit. Mountains, and oceans or seas are great examples of physical geography. They have been created by Mother Nature alone, and help to shape the areas in which humans have come to inhabit. On the other hand human geography pertains to how as a species we have altered the landscape, and developed specific identities through languages, religions, and cultural norms. The Panama Canal, countless dams worldwide, and china’s island building in the South China Sea. Showcase the ability of humans to alter geography across the globe. For the most part similar languages and cultures dominate different areas. East Asia mandarin and Buddhism, the Middle East Arabic and Islam, North America English and Christianity just to name a few. Regional geography is to look at both human and physical geography to divide areas in to specific realms, regions, and transition zones. Each with their own dominating characteristics. Question #2: Explain the theory of continental drift and plate tectonics and

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