Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research Essay

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Qualitative research, still called in-depth study or study of motivation. The studies on expectations, motivations, images and other value judgments of the consumers while giving results which we cannot quantify. According to Choy this type approach is highly self-aware acknowledgment of social self, or of a research’s position in society (Choy, 2014:99). A quantitative research is a market study which the results can be quantified and the representativeness can be exactly measured. According to Choy this type of approach focus on a specific topic selected by the researcher. It is also refer to a “standardized questionnaires that administer to individuals or household which are identified through various forms of sampling usually sampling, and next is the data collection step” (Choy, 2014:99). This essay will critically examine the differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches to research. Indeed it will compare the difference between the two research and how they are used, the ontological orientation of those research’s and the different preoccupation.

According to Griffin qualitative and quantitative research is just a simplification and cannot be helpful from the terminology (Griffin 2001:6). Also “qualitative research is usually concerned with the meaning, and in particular how people make sense of the world and how participants experience events form their perspective. (Griffin 2001:6). “To draw a theory, quantitative researchers have to look at the
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