Differences Between Raymond Carver 's They 're Not My Husband And Dino Buzzati 's The Falling Girl

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Introduction Introductory Statement (Hook & Harness): Insecurity influences one’s mental state substantially and impacts their ability to make reasonable decisions and may change the outlook on life. The individuals in these stories struggles with insecurity as other’s opinions fear them. In these tales, challenges represents things the character faced. Thesis: Despite of the differences between Raymond Carver’s “They’re not my husband” and Dino Buzzati’s “The Falling Girl”, there includes differences and similarities in the setting, theme of insecurity and main message. Body Paragraph #1 Argument #1 (Both Texts): Setting of the Story Class division - In the story “The Falling Girl”, the setting occurred in the city where…show more content…
The opposite situation occurred where Doreen achieved her goal by losing weight. First and foremost, the setting of the story depicts class division, social standards and the author’s point of views. Class division represents the how wealthy a person makes. In the story “The Falling Girl” the setting occurs in the city where Marta falls, interpreting a party filled with wealthy individuals. On the other hand, in “They’re not your Husband” businessmen are seen socializing with the middle class people in the coffee shop. The differences between these stories is the different social hierarchies. In Marta case, she had a desire to be with the rich, but they excluded her. While, the businessmen ate at the coffee shop instead of an expensive restaurant. This clearly displays the divided aspect in “They’re not my husband”. In addition to class division, the women in the story must meet these social standards set in place by society. In “They’re not your husband” Earl tells his wife “I think you’d better consider going on a diet. I mean it. I’m serious you could stand to lose a few pounds” (Carver 2). This example clearly shows the comments from the businessmen impacted Earl wanting his wife Doreen to look a certain way and fit in with society. Similar to Earl’s situation, Marta and other women falling were praised for their looks and beauty. Furthermore, these two author’s viewpoint of reality contradict each other. While in the story of “They’re not my Husband” the

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