Differences Between Reality And Reality

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In today’s society, worldviews are shaped by the cultural and ethical differences between different types of people. Cultural differences can be very complex but can also establish the basis for who people are and how they live their lives. One major complexity that can be associated with worldviews is the idea of a surface-level behavior with deep-level assumptions. This idea is the thought of many people acting just like everyone else around them, trying to fit in with society but have a deeper understanding for life and what reality is. Throughout chapter 2, Kraft discusses the differences between REALITY and reality, referring to the deeper understanding of life and understanding what is true and right. Compared to seeing the surface value of everything in life and “looking through filters” and only seeing what society and media has to offer. In today’s world people focus only on the materialistic view of life and focus on money and wealth, which produces adults in society that know how to think but not how to live life. Yet every day, people encounter REALITY but do not understand and often shy away from what is not normal to us. People in today’s society are afraid to learn new things, society focuses on competition and even encourages it, and it challenges boys to question men and businesses to fight businesses which leads to suffering society. The worldview of today’s society is solely based off of what media and technology teach us, yet people today are blinded by
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