Differences Between Sex And Gender

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With sex and gender being such a predominate factor in determining our position in society, it is difficult to hinder ourselves from distinguishing certain characteristics and attributes to be masculine (male) or feminine(female). Is is paramount to distinguish the differences between sex and gender. Sex is determined by our hormones and anatomy while gender is the social meanings, behaviors, and expectations attached to a given sex by society (Logg, Lecture Notes, Fall 2015). Generally speaking, labels are immensely restricting to members of society who fail to fit into their perceived gender roles considering that it enforces the idea of the binary gender system where it is only socially acceptable to identify as a male or female based on your sex. Sex and gender is something that has not been closely examined by social scientist to prove or disprove if the binary gender system is evident in human nature. Social scientists should research and challenge commonly held beliefs about sex and gender due to the negative effects it has on society.
Individuals who fail to fit into the masculine (male) or feminine (female) roles are often misunderstood and rejected by society members who identify and abide by their given gender roles. Social institutions such as media, religion, medical, government, etc. (Logg, Lecture Notes, Fall 2015) significantly impact and are present in our everyday lives. These social institutions often times do not consider alternatives to the gender
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