Differences Between Sex And Gender Essay

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There are distinct differences between Sex and Gender. Sex is divided up into two divisions, male or female, based upon their reproductive system. Gender is the notion set by society on what social behaviours are acceptable for males and females, for example the expectation that females are more caring or nurturing than men. Gender can be further divided into two subcategorise: identity and stereotype. Gender identity is the concept that your sex and gender do not have to be the same but can different, i.e. a male at birth can identify as a female. These notions of acceptable behaviour set by society create gender stereotypes for both male and female, which can cause a person to reject their gender identity if they do not conform these gender stereotypes. Within are experiment we will be assessing whether or not opposite sexes, can hold opposing personality traits, therefore a Jung(1968), supports this notion as he developed the idea of ‘archetypes’ when referencing to gender roles within the subconscious, he believed that within males there is a feminine part of their psych inherited by the mother. The Females have an Animus, this is a masculine part within their psyche inherited by their father. However, Jung could have been leading the audiences to the conclusion of these archetypes and no other expectation for different personalities, furthermore this is an old reference , which could potentially be out dated (Jung C 1968 Vol.9, Part1) Bem sex-role inventory (BSRI)

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