Differences Between Sex And Gender

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This essay will navigate the differences between sex and gender through definition and discourse. First I will discuss sex with reference to biology, what it means to possess the "parts" of a man and of a woman. Within this context I will address intersex people and will examine transgenderism. I will then explore and identify gender through a discussion of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) associated with transgenderism touching briefly on the construction of gender roles. The paper will critically discuss the relationship between sex and gender, and why these concepts of identity can be fluid rather than constant. Hippocrates and Aristotle believed that men and women were not separated by physical differences but rather were one people with specific and necessary differences allowing them to reproduce (Callahan, 2009). Chromosomes are the blueprints behind the creation of an organism (Carrel & Willard, 2005) and humans have 22 pairs of chromosomes in each cell that look the same in males and females. The 23rd pair is the sex chromosome and this is what differentiates males (XY) from females (XX) (Sumner, 2008; Genetics Home Reference, 2014). Scientifically this is what gives "men" a penis and "women" a vagina and delineates which sex category a person is placed into from birth. This sexual assignment is supposed to last us for life, however with one birth in every 100 estimated to produce genetic morphological anomalies (Chase, 1998 in Hird, 2000) the question arises of sex

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