Differences Between Smartphones And Android Phones

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There are two main types of mobile phone users, those that have an iPhone and those that have an Android phone. There are multiple differences between iPhones and Android phones, to mention a few they are: open vs closed mobile platforms, application security, and battery replacement. Do you prefer a phone with a closed network or an open network platform? Do you prefer a phone with tight application security or loose application security? Do you prefer a phone where it is has a battery that is difficult to replace or one that is relatively easy to replace? Which type of mobile phone user are you? I have an iPhone because I feel that they’re a better mobile phone than the Android phones.
One of the differences between an iPhone and an Android phone is that iPhones have an open mobile platform, while Android phones have closed mobile platforms. iPhones have a closed mobile platform which makes them generally more secure than Android phones. Apple, the company that created iPhones, is very strict and proprietary over what can be installed on their products. This is a huge benefit because it’s not much of a temptation to the hackers to attack. “Apple’s mobile platform isn’t regarded as the most vulnerable to security breaches.” (Reisinger) Android phones on the other hand have an open mobile platform which makes them less secure than iPhones. This leaves Android phones very vulnerable to attacks since “due to its open source system many attackers are focusing on it.”…
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