Differences Between Speakers And Speakers Communicate

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Section 1: Definitions 1. A communicative purpose – there have to be at least an objective when speaking; speakers communicate because they want to say something; as they feel the need to speak, and not to be silent. Speakers might also have a purpose of communicating, as in, they want to give information, also they want to convey the meaning of their message they are delivering to the listeners. 2. A desire to communicate - in order for the communication to be meaningful, the speakers have to have the desire to communicate with the listener, unless the communication would be too one sided and would have been ineffective. 3. Form – form of language is the structure of the language used, however it is not as important as the content of…show more content…
Even if the teachers want to correct them, teachers could at least keep them first, and correct them at the end of the lesson and not intervene in their communication. 7. Materials control - Materials the teachers use in class don’t give a help to what language forms the students are using. The materials given restrict them from communicating freely. Their speaking could be limited, as they only have to talk about the materials. Their choice of words could be limited. Section 2: Evaluation of Materials ‘Approaches’ by Johnson and Morrow Section A focuses on oral practice which significantly offers the students to speak or communicate. Question one requires the students to speak according to what they believe is suitable as the answers for the pictures given, which makes the students have communicative purpose as they have to decide whether to agree or disagree, or to flatter or to be rude (Harmer, 1991). The communicative purposes are to give information and collect information As for this exercise, students have to have the desire to communicate with each other. The question offers the students to communicate based on their logics. A desire in communicating is needed in order to make the communication effective and meaningful. In Section B, students need to give and collect information, and in order to do that,
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