Differences Between Special Education And Inclusive Education

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Discuss the differences between 'special education ' and 'inclusive education '

There exists a fundamental dilemma within education policy and theory. The dilemma, as revealed by Warnock et al. (2010) is about how the equal right of every child to education can be legislated, whilst recognising, appreciating and addressing the individual differences amongst them. This essay aims to explore the various facets of this dilemma by critically discussing the differences between ‘special education’ and ‘inclusive education’. Inclusive education, according to Villa and Thousand (2005) embraces each and every student, irrespective of their abilities, forming one whole school community. On the other hand, Paneria et al. (2009) hold that, students who have special education needs and who do not respond as well to standardised education practices should have the right to specialised educational agenda. These views and perhaps conflicting entitlements will also be discussed in this essay. In addition to describing and analysing special and inclusive education,this essay will also explore the relationship between the two education structures. Models of learning in terms of special and inclusive education will be deliberated, alongside the evolution of language and terminology related to special educational needs. Finally, the complexities involved with ‘inclusive education’ will be discussed, especially with regards to ‘the dilemma of difference’ in children’s’
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