Differences Between Superman And Superman, Television And Social Media

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Cloaked in red and blue, Superman soars above Metropolis. Well known to the public, he is strong, kind, humble and in love with Lois Lane. Then he gets to work. He puts on some glasses, and he becomes Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter. According to the public, his relationship with Louis is platonic. Despite being the same person, depending on who you ask, they will give you a very different description of just one man. The real difference between Superman and Clark Kent isn't a disguise, but the social context in which he is seen. Much the same as Superman, people can have multiple identities, or 'frames' of themselves, each coming out in a specific social context. With social media, these different identities can be created and thrive. On public platforms, the ideal side of a person is shown, along with their close relationships, but on private sites, they don't have to worry about dealing with the pressure from others. To put simply, whether you see Superman or Clark Kent, depends on who is watching him, so it can be argued that the amount of privacy a user has on a social media platform, greatly impacts how they display themselves, and their relationships on said platform as well.

Overall, some of the most popular social media platforms are public ones, such as Facebook and Instagram. Although these sites have different features, one similarity between them is how they can be used to enforce gender norms . Public sites often involve the user posting photos and
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