Differences Between Tabuck And Ziplock Bag

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On October 12 2017, the class was set to collect DNA samples from a strawberry. Placing the strawberry in a ziplock bag and zip up the bag. Squish the strawberry into a liquid. Add 10 ml of the buffer (salty, soapy water) into a 10ml graduated cylinder using a transfer pipettes. Using the 10ml graduated cylinder, open up the ziplock bag and pour the 10 ml buffer with the squished up strawberry then zip up the ziplock bag. Mix it by moving it around using your fingers, but be cautious about how much bubbles are created. Add the a funnel lined with a cheesecloth onto a test tube (filtration apparatus) and filter the new berry-buffer solution in the filtering apparatus into a test tube. When finished with adding the new berry-buffer solution
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