Differences Between The 20th Century And 21st Century Engineers

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The differences between 20th century and 21st century engineers: 20 the century: The teaching and learning in the early 21st century will definitely differ from its 20th century predecessor? Some of the shifts are already well underway. Well these will include the growing embrace of the open educational resources and its courses with the collaboratively designed and developed by the teams including content area specialists, along with the educational technologists, and instructional designers. The Peer mentoring and grading were becoming more common, as it is the gradual shift towards learner-centered with the method of practice of teaching and competency-based, outcomes with the oriented approaches. There are developments of five far-reaching developments of its differences. 1. It will rest on the science of learning and technology:…show more content…
The instructor can facilitate the students to adapt the learning by eliminating extraneous information or excessive numbers of points to understand completely. Narrative Learning: The stories are to tend to produce the higher levels of comprehension and memory rather than the other forms of instruction precisely because of narratives are engaging and give the coherence and structure to the abstract concepts. Organization Effect: Learning increases when the learners are asked to categorize the each point with the examples to outline the synthesize information. Regulatory Fit: Students with the prevention will focus, especially on the sensitive to negative outcomes and seek to avoid the errors, while some students with the promotion they focus more on the sensitive to positive outcomes most of the time. It is the learning which has enhanced to agreement between the activity and assessment to the students’ goal orientation. Final countdown between the way of approach of 20th and 21st
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