Differences Between The And Black Poor Neighborhoods

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Poor, rich, young, old, competent, incompetent, faith, heart, courage, hope and lost of hope as well as lack of faith and respect to the system. The conditions in urban communities are low income and no help of money, culture and values. The differences of helping the weak or the strong, in the society of those who have power. The streets or the nihilistic that exist in the world by inner-city and black poor neighborhoods, which is better to have in the world to come through-depending for society to help or being independent and making similar rules as juice and the codification of the streets. Anderson said "expect in the most general sense, it is wrong to speak of "America" cultural as if it was a single entity (p1). West said this "viewpoint involves a subtle historical and sociological analysis of slavery, Jim Crowism, job and residential discrimination, skewed unemployment rates, inadequate health care, and poor education" (p1). The differences and similarity concept of society or the people in low income communities and its values, culture on one 's beliefs to live and the support to low income families. The people with more power are caught up with the structure of the world and how to properly maintain the situations besides focusing on both citizens that are poor and the benefit of the homeless people. An the concept of the subculture of the larger picture of American culture. The poor to rich or rich to poor that live in a stage of series that combine us apart…
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