Differences Between The And Saudi Arabia

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Education is recognized as an important factor in the development of any country regardless of the country’s culture. Such as, most governments in the world have committed large amounts of capital towards the education of their people. There are obviously many similarities between the education systems in the two countries but this paper focuses on the differences. The education in the US offers a different experience than in Saudi Arabia. Much of the differences, are occasioned by the different cultures that the two countries have. There are many differences between studying in Saudi Arabia and studying in the United States, such as language in the education, environment, clothes worn in school, the education systems, and choosing elective classes. The language in the education systems of the two countries is one distinctive difference. The difference is more so brought about by the different mother tongues in the US and Saudi Arabia. In the US, I use to study by only English, because the national language is English on here. In contrast, education in my country in Saudi Arabia is offered in both Arabic and the English languages since the national language in Saudi Arabia is Arabic. Another notable difference is in the cost of the education in the two countries. In Saudi Arabia, my education is free in either college or the university; also, I and the other students are given a stipend every month to cater for their personal needs. In the US, though, every foreign student
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