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Movies and books can have very noticable differences. When movies take place based on books, they tend to leave out important details that a reader would know after finishing the book. Sometimes, directors have to change the main characters to fit the time limit or plot of the movie. In The Book Thief movie directed by Brian Percival, and The Book Thief book written by Markus Zusak, many differences impact the way the watcher of the movie interprets the actions of the characters based on the book. Items, too important to the author of the book to leave out, show in the movie to keep the general plot of the book intact. Both the book and the movie show the importance of the accordion, but lack showing the cigarettes and maturity in the main character, Liesel.…show more content…
Hans Hubermann’s eminent accordion demonstrates the hopefulness in the characters around him. The accordion’s appearance in the story line shows the importance of faith in Liesel during the hard times, acting like an “announcement of safety” (Zusak 38). Throughout the book, the accordion symbolizes the distraction from the rough life the Hubermanns live because it reminds them of fond memories. The accordion’s distinguished characteristics add to the upbeat and comfortable mood of the movie. Liesel finds comfort in the slow moving notes of the accordion when she awakes from her nightmares because it helps her forget her memories that haunt her (Percival). The instrument represents the soul of the old man who brought Liesel up and gained a special trust, therefore important to the connection of the characters. The accordion shows in both the book and movie, demonstrating the importance it has on Liesel's life and her association with Hans. On the contrary, the lack of cigarettes in the movie evidences the inchoate character of Hans

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