Differences Between The COBOL Programming Language Vs. PHP Language

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There are many differences that we can find between the COBOL programming language and PHP language. Both had different upbringing, different purpose to serve, different features, and different strengths and weaknesses. Also, it is interesting to note that one is a legacy language while one is much more modern, which we will explore these influences on how time and expectation of modern society could have affected the latter language. In 1959, a programming language was developed by CODASYL(Conference/Committee on Data Systems Languages), in an effort to create a standard for data processing to use across all computers. It was heavily influenced by the work of Grace Hopper, an advocate of machine-independent programming languages. Its name was COBOL and it stood for Common Business-Oriented Language, the sole language for business applications. Nowadays, some of the compilers available for COBOL are IBM COBOL, GnuCOBOL, NetCOBOL, VisualCOBOL, and MCP. Also, some of the IDEs available for COBOL are Eclipse, CANDE, OCIDE, and HackEdit. CODASYL was looking to create a common business language to use across all industries, with support from the US Department of Defense, who was also interested in obtaining such a language. The only mainstream language at the time of COBOL’s conception was FORTRAN, which…show more content…
The code format is separated into four divisions, each having their own function. The Identification Division contains information such as program name, author, and location of installation. The Environment Division is an optional section if the program is using files. However, files by COBOL definition also include outputs such as databases and printers. The Data Division is used to define variables for the functions to be used. It should be noted that COBOL does not have local

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