Differences Between The Freedom Writers Book And Movie

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The Freedom Writers is a book that is based on real events things that has happened in real life. This story was written by a teacher and her name is mrs. gruelle and also by some of her students at Wilson High School. Mrs.gruelle had hope in the students when they would say that the group of students at Wilson High School were a lost hope and a group that society had given up on then but Mrs. Gruelle didn't she had hope this book was published in 1999 and the movie that they made was released in 2007. There was some different things and some things that were similar in the book and in the movie in the book it tells you more details but then the movie and but in the movie it shows you more things that didn't happen in the movie or in the book. I think that the book gives you more detail the movie just gives you the pictures and a little better understanding. In the movie all it shows and telling about Mrs. Gruelle's story more and her personal life. Like…show more content…
And well like i found out that Mrs. Gruelle dies she was shoot in a gang violence i say how could this have happened to someone that was just looking to make a difference in the kids to stop the gang violence and then this happens to her she just wanted this to be a better place she was just trying to make this life better and maybe also their town because the teachers there they had no hope in them that they would actually wanna come to school an learn because like they said there junior year you really don't have no one in your class nomore she had faith in them that she would get them to be someone she wanted to make a change and i think that she did make a change looking at the beginning to the end it showed that the kids wanted to come to class and listen then the students really liked
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