Differences Between The North And South

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In the United States, the North and South regions have great differences. As the North and South kept growing the conflict between the two also kept growing. One of the major conflicts between the North and South was The Kansas-Nebraska act. The Kansas-Nebraska act gave the right to Kansas to vote to be a free state or slave state. The day Kansas got the right to vote, residents from Missouri crossed over to Kansas to vote so Kansas would become a slave state. This started to conflict between the North and the South but also started a conflict between Kansas and Missouri. This conflict is what started the Civil War in 1861 due to the feud between Kansas and Missouri. The other major differences between the North and South are transportation, society, geography and economy. The society in the North had better education than the South. “Few states provided universal public education, but in communities throughout the nation, local church congregations and civic-minded citizens started schools.” (Civil War Trust, 2017). As the children went to school, the women took care of the men’s jobs and took care of their families. The women had to take care of the farmlands and factories. Some women also went to be nurses to help the soldiers that were recovering. Many nurses were women who joined to be with their sons and husbands. The economy of the North is mostly ran off streams and rivers for water power. The factories are run off the water because it's cheap and effective. The
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