Differences Between The North And South Of The World

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Inequality, a topic that I believe runs through the centre of Geography, dominates both the UK, and the entire world. In the UK, numerous economic, cultural and political factors divide the North from the South. To name a few: there is a missing year of life expectancy north of the line, children south of the line are much more likely to attend Russell group universities, house prices have recently soared in the South, and politically, the South tend to vote conservative, while the North vote labour.

Similar geographical concerns are occurring on an international level. In my opinion, this divide between the North and South of the world is being exacerbated by globalisation. Although this is the belief that countries are becoming too similar, due to a decrease in cultural differences, I believe it is leading to even larger economic differences. Through my reading of ‘Globalization’ by Joseph Stiglitz, it is clear that me and him have the same view. He explains that despite constant promises of reducing poverty made over the last decade, the actual number of people living in poverty has increased by almost 100 million. This occurred at the same time that total world income actually increased by an average of 2.5 percent annually. Stiglitz explains that the benefits of globalisation have been less than its advocates claim, and that the price paid has been greater. The environment has been destroyed, political processes have been corrupted, and the rapid pace of change has not…
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