Differences Between The Patriot And The American Revolutionary War

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Haiden: Today we will be talking about the differences between the Patriots and Loyalist.

Saige: The loyalist were loyal to the British crown.

Tara: The Patriots rebelled against the British.

Abigail: The Patriots wanted to make there own country and wanted to find Independence. Tara: That’s what the Patriots accomplished for their Independence.

Abigail: Loyalist opposed the Revolution.

Haiden: That is what the Loyalist did.

Saige: This is when they were against the British Government.

Tara: In July 1776, the Patriots rebelled against the British.

Abigail: This is when the Loyalist wanted to be safe from the British.

Haiden: In 1783, the Loyalist arrived at Canada to take
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Tara: Then the Treaty started.

Saige: September 3, 1783.

Abigail: When did it end?

Haiden: April 15, 1783.

Tara: Where was the Treaty of paris at?

Saige: It was at Paris.

Abigail: It was also signed in Paris too.

Haiden: These are some reasons why the Treaty of Paris happened.

Tara: The Treaty of Paris got signed because King George III and the United states signed it to stop the American Revolutionary War.

Saige: The Treaty let the Americans have Independence.

Abigail: It also ended the the French and Indian War.

Haiden: The French gave up all of their territory in North America.

Tara: It ended all the military threats to the British.

Saige: This is what we have researched about the Treaty of Paris.

Haiden: Today we are going to be talking about Women Contributions.

Tara: The Women of Contributions were Mary Ball Washington and Abigail Adams.

Saige: This is what Mary and Abigail did for there jobs.

Abigail: Mary was a farmer.

Haiden: Abigail was a knowledgeable person for people.

Tara: This is when Mary was born.

Saige: November 30, 1708.

Abigail: This is when Mary died.

Haiden: August 26,
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