Differences Between The Play And The Crucible

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Both texts are very interesting, one is a fictional play and the other is a non fiction graphic novel. The comparison found in this essay is the comparison of the graphic novel vs play and how the story and style of writing is better. I think the Crucible is better in the writing style because having a play over a comic is better by making it easier for me to understand. I get confused when I read comics like Maus; it seems everything is out of place or just mind boggling. I think the Crucible is better because it is easier for me to comprehend by the outlines the play is more out there where I can feel how they feel and the graphic novel is really confusing. Throughout the graphic novel Maus’ characters aren't really that realistic in showing their feelings in the context of it being a graphic novel and all. For example, when Vladek is explaining how he didn’t like the food that was given to him by his wifemother because it was dry. There wasn’t any expression or feeling coming off of what he was saying. It was more like his context…show more content…
Miller’s crucible is emotionally unbalanced showing that Abigail is always seems to be sad or mad at or about something, “ABIGAIL: (A slight note of indignation.) It is a lie, sir. (Mary looks at Abigail, then back.)” (Miller, 2017). This is an example, one out of many, of the clear emotions Abigail displayed. A lot of people feel the same way and as do the character in the book where others connect to the other characters. Rather than the unbalanced and erratic behavior displayed by Maus characters we can see that Miller gives the readers reasoning behind such emotional outbursts and writes in a way that makes all the characters’ positions seem understandable. Because of this, we get a better understanding of the characters and their personalities which in turn allows us to empathize with
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