Differences Between The Roman Empire And The Han Empire

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Lam Shing Hin (16209885) Short Paper 2
Differences between the Roman Empire and Chinese Han Empire When we talk about different ancient empires, most of the peoples may have two empires in their mind, one is the Roman Empire, in which most of the original historian referred as the “Golden Age” of literature and western history, having historians like Tacitus and Titus Livius, in addition to the development of economics, engineering and different kinds of literature, make Roman Empire to be one of the more influential empires, on the other hand, in the Asia side, at the almost same time period, Han Dynasty (Empire) also been referred as the start of our Chinese culture and political foundations, as they are both a member of influential empires, some even say China is “Rome in the east” , we shall
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In the part of roman empire, birth is the main factor that indicates the social position, while elites could have the privilege of not being the subject to cruel punishments, and was expected to become officials and have a higher position, the lower class was almost impossible to have that kind of privilege nor the chance of moving up the social ladder besides army or trading.

On the other hand, Han dynasty has a clearer social ladder in which included the emperor, the nobles that is blood related to the emperor, the officials, the freemen which include in order of their social power: Scholars, farmer, artisan, merchant , in theory, everyone can climb the ladder with different ways, but mainly being recommended by the local government when the central government need some more officials, or through examination to see if that student is suitable for the government , in which the social mobility of Han Dynasty is higher than that in the Roman
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