Differences Between The Success Rate Of Drug Courts

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Annotated Outline

Research Question: Are there gender differences in the success rate of drug courts?

A. History of Drug Courts
1. Brief history of drug courts
2. Where was the first drug court?
3. Explain drug court model
4. Who is eligible for drug court treatment?
5. What happens after successful completion of drug courts
6. Penalties for drug court failure.

B. Drug Addictions
1. Are there gender differences in drug addiction?
2. What causes female drug addiction/dependency?
3. What causes male drug addiction/dependency?

C. Drug Court Recidivism Rates
1. Female drug offender’s recidivism.
2. Male drug offender’s recidivism.
3. Point out any gender differences that exist? Anabel Rodriguez
October 19, 2014

Literature Review

In 1989, the first drug court came into existence in Miami-Dade County, Florida. They emerged in response to demands for change in the criminal justice system because of the War on Drug. (Listwan, Sundt, Holsinger, & Latessa, 2003) By 2007, drug courts were established in all 50 states. Statistics show that the prison population of women increased because of the War on drug policies. (Shaffer, Hartman, & Listwan, 2009) The drug court model became an alternative to sanctions given to drug offenders. Drug courts address addiction by merging treatment services, judicial monitoring, and probation supervision. (King & Pasquarella, 2009; NADCP, 2005; Shaffer, Hartman, & Listwan, 2009) There are two kinds of drug court models. The first…
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