Differences Between Traditional And Modern Society

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A society 's progressively evolution has based a process of collective conditions and consensus, reversal parties which had obsolete ideologies. Besides, a society 's changing in which individually participates, then a society is prepared to innovate until a cooperative opinion is fulfilled. That a process of society growth causes two different definitions: tradition and modernity. There are numerous viewpoints and conversations between traditional and modern society. For example, in traditional society, in the words of Thompson, "the child labour was an intrinsic part of the agricultural and industrial economy before 1780, and remained so until rescued by the school" (Thompson, 1991, p. 121). However, within modern society, Conlin mentioned the argument of Karl Polanyi "the economy has a life of its own" (Conlin, 2015). The questions arise, whether the tradition is more brutal to people or community than modernity? Is modernity drifting apart from tradition as a heretic? Therefore, to compare two societies this essay will provide the main view of modern society 's traits and conducts more conform the human beings, to compare two societies, and this essay will only elaborate an opinion is more sympathetic to the modernity. This essay will first state a brief description of tradition and modernity, to explain the distinction between two societies. Then will explore the attribute of traditional society while it also references more scholarly explanation such as John K.
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