Differences Between Union And Confederate Motives Within The Civil War Essay

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Differences between Union and Confederate Motives within the Civil War The Civil War was a time of major upheaval within America. Major issues such as slavery divided the states and threw the nation in all different directions. As Abraham Lincoln was elected into the presidency in 1860, South Carolina along with 10 other southern states began seceding from the union. Their reasoning for secession included those of protecting the institution of slavery and state’s rights. These affairs, then led to the commencement of the Civil War, and soldiers of the Union and Confederate regions began enlisting. Union and Confederates enlisted into the war for similar sounding motives, however a deeper insight is needed to understand the basis of the war and that each side had contradicting feelings and emotions behind every motive. At the beginning of the war, Initial incentives for the soldier’s included adventure, love, excitement, honor and duty. These motives were enthusiastically recounted by both Union as well as Confederate sides of the war. However, their feelings behind them varied greatly between the opposing states. The union was mostly associated with serving their country as a service they felt was their duty to their country, not to themselves or to their home life. Commander Charles Steedman, who confessed his support of the union expresses this passion “ I am as I have always been, a Union man-I know no North or South...all that I know is my
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