Differences Between Wine from Burgundy and That from Bordeaux

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Differences between Wine from Burgundy and that from Bordeaux These two types of wine come from France. Red wines are very popular in European countries. In the article “History of Red Wine”, Coffey discuss the history of Red Wine. In the early decades, European explorers travel around the World with their own wine because they really love red wine. Since then, the history of red wine infiltrates the history of many European countries. Today, red wines are worth in its healthiness and popularity that brings to us. In 6000BC places between Europe and Asia, are famous for the production of red wine. Grapes that used to make red wines are brewed by Egyptians and Romans and make their wine to 25 years old. The wines are shipped from the…show more content…
For Bordeaux Wine, the best dishes would be Oysters, Pauillac Lamb and Duck with mushrooms. (terrior 2013). When talking about the Burgundy wine, we should explore the history of it. Like Bordeaux blend wine, the history is also related to Ancient Rome. In the Ancient Rome, people from Augustodunum travelled a very long distance to plant vine along the south slope of the Saone River Valley. (Cogan 2012) People started to develop skills and technique in making wine and the way to marketing it. Moreover, this continuing development has built up an international reputation in the 19th century. “A few of the most exciting wines in the world come from Burgundy. The region produces two of the most popular wines in France: Beaujolais and Chablis.” (Cogan 2012) As we can see that the Burgundy Wine is also a very famous type of wine. The region of Burgundy cap in both red and white wine. Burgundy wine grape is grown in a mixture of limestone and clay. There are two major grapes that make Burgundy wine, they are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Like Bordeaux wine, Burgundy is also known as “the king of French Wine” The tasting of Burgundy wine is so much different from the Bordeaux. When tasting the Burgundy, people can feel the perseverance and power, which is much different from very soft feelings. (Burgundy 2011) When doing comparison with Bordeaux wine, Burgundy wine is not as famous as Bordeaux wine. The reason for that

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