Differences Between Wolf Alice And The Company Of Wolf

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Similarities and differences between “Wolf-Alice” and “The Company of Wolves” by Angela Carter
Angela Carter was born on 7 May 1940 and died on 16 February 1992. She is known for her feminist, magical realism, and picaresque works. Angela Carter story “The Company of Wolves” British Gothic fantasy-horror film was directed by Neil Jordan in 1984. Angela Carter’s literary work is her interest in changing gender roles and this is evident in both stories “The Company of wolves” tells the story of a girl who is deceived and captured by the fake form of a handsome man who is actually the wolf in the story. In “The Company of Wolves” and “Wolf-Alice”, Angela Carter uses the supernatural practicality, violent behaviour and sexually aroused, to present
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In the company of wolves carter uses words such as “knife” to show braveness of the girl. When the girl laughs looking at the wolf it too signifies that the girl won’t be bullied or feel afraid of any beast. Accept otherness, and give confidence the other to do so because everyone is intelligent to find pleasure and live contently even though the views of society may enjoy. According to Carter feminism does not mean a dominating sex, but equal opportunity between genders, as each is equal within creation. Carter influences the reader the danger of women being deceived and captured by the false form of men. This idea is totally differing in “Wolf Alice” it is women who are obtainable as beasts and the only passion that complete them as human is that they were not actually wolves. “Nothing about her is human except that she is not a wolf” (Biblioklept, 2013). Both the story has all the quality of Carter’s writing style which she uses a mixture of basics and sensible fiction to change the conventional characteristic of the fairy tale style. Angela Carter meaning from the both story is same, that women should transform the roles and develop into the aggressor instead of the target, she use different themes to present it and women have the most significant role in her

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