Differences Between Work Group And Work Team

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Question 3 (a) According to Robbins & Judge (2017), a Group is a defined as two or more individuals formally or informally coming together for a cause or a reason. They coexist due to a special interest or task. They may not have clear objectives or leadership within the group. They would hold meeting with each other and help to make critical decision that would help each member in the group to perform better in her area of expertise or responsibility. Groups have a leader that would dominate and control the group, such as decision-making. Consequentially, some highly effective teams work almost autonomously and complement each other to attain a desired outcome. The leader in the team, however acts like a facilitator. He motivated his charges and delegates work to utilise the various skill sets in his team members In organisational context, we can classify individuals working together as either a work group or work team. The difference lies in the distinctive characteristics such as focus, collaboration, result and group dynamics. Refer to Appendix A Table 1 on Differences between work groups and work teams. Yes, the new manager was aware of the differences between group and team. After being briefed by Mr. Lim, he understood that the staffs were working as a workgroup under Mr. Lim as a…show more content…
They would be context, composition and process. For context, the performance evaluation and reward system affected the team performance, as the team members were competing individually as they did not understand how they would be rewarded if there were in a team. They preferred to the individualistic culture, as Mr Lim who was their leader gave them specific instructions to plan and assign their work. The improvements that the management could have adopted would be to utilize hybrid performance systems to identify individuals’ contributions and reward
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