Differences Between Youngers And My Family

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Every family has their flaws and benefits, and the Younger family from A Raisin in the Sun is no different. A marriage hanging on a piece of thread, siblings constantly bickering at each other, and a grandmother wanting to control everybody, the Younger family has certainly been through a lot. But with naturally born hard workers and dreamers like Walter and Beneatha, the family somehow manages to get by. My family is not perfect either. A controlling mother, constant bickering between my sister and I, and a marriage that could use a bit of sharpening up, my family has it’s similarities with the Younger family. However with all these things, my family still keeps fighting and improving like the Youngers. No family is exactly the same…show more content…
This causes Mama to feel like the family is falling apart because of these new ideas. As a result, Mama smacks Beneatha for her disbelief in God and hesitates to even look at Walters plan to open a liquor store. This situation reflects in my family as well, especially between my mother and me. On almost everything, my mother and I take polar ideas on the issue. On the issue of God, I am an Atheist but my mother is a devout catholic on a quest to convert her son back to Catholicism. On social issues like marijuana, my mother wants it illegal so it doesn’t ruin the lives of American children, but I want it legal and for her to take it and relax a bit with her outrageous assumptions. In the arena of politics, my mom is a good ol’ conservative who believes the Government has no right in her business, even though she believes government should tell women what to do with their fetuses. I on the other hand, am a progressive skeptical liberal who believes we as a nation need to wake up an realize that we need people checking on us to make sure we are fact checked and assured that we have equal opportunity to improve our lives. Another example of the generation battles happening in A Raisin in the Sun is when Beneatha takes guitar lessons as a form of “expressing herself” This confuses Mama to the point where she laughs at her daughter’s strange idea of having a guitar express who she is. My mother often times finds it strange that I stay in my room and don’t come out
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