Differences Between a Tragedy and Comedy

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the differences of tragedy and comedy From what I can tell the difference between a good comedy and a good tragedy are the effects of the audiences intended to see or read. There are a few key differences that change them from one genre to the next and these differences really only rely on the hero to separate them from “comedy” to “tragedy”. What I notice is in the comedy the hero is normally playful and funny to a degree or at least until he is needed to take on a really serious role which even in some situations he is not entirely in that degree. Whereas the tragedy hero can be playful at first but the long run the hero has to be serious and set on his path and whether he has to be serious or stubborn may result in the hero’s down fall. So many things can determine the hero’s life span whether or not you can pick up on these cues is up to you. A tragic hero might start out with a very organized life, like he or she may know whether everything will be okay till whatever lies in their path obstructs them from their intended goal. One of my favorite instances is i9n what many to believe to be a love story Romeo and Juliette. The very tragic ending results in both of the star crossed lover’s dead but the point here is the fact that his life was pretty much planned out until he fell for someone that ended his life accordingly. Where a tragic hero is complicated a comedic hero is actually pretty flexible for instance in Billy Madison his life was going off okay till he goes to
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