Differences Between the Birds the Movie and the Birds Short Story

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The Birds The Birds, the movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and was based on the short story "The Birds" written by Daphne du Murrier. If you would have read the book and then watched the movie, you would see that very few things are the same. In both the short story and the movie flocks of gulls, robins, crows, and sparrows join each other. This is really weird because different species of birds never work together. The story and the film both have the same climate. It is cold and chilly; "the ground is frozen and it will be a black winter." The climate gives the versions of the story a creepy and suspenseful feeling. Each version also has the main characters boarding up the windows. Anyone who thought the birds won't attack are …show more content…
In the story birds attacked when the tide came in and in the film the birds attack at different times, over and over. The characters are totally different in the two versions. The short story's main characters are a family; a husband, a wife, and two children. The film's characters are a woman and a man, and the man's mother and younger sister. In the film, it shows more of the school and the children then it does in the short story. The radio is also more involved in the short story then it is in the film. More events happen in the film, such as the fire at the gas station and the restaurant. The film shows more details then the short story and helps you visualize the attacks more. There is no real ending to the short story. The readers are just left hanging with the family in the house, fearing for their lives and showing that the father is giving up by smoking the last cigarette. In the film the characters are able to slip out of the house during a time when the birds weren't attacking and drive away to San Francisco, or at least away from Bodega
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