Differences Between the Book and the Movie of Count of Monte Cristo

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The book and movie are completely different. It 's like comparing apples and oranges. (I 'm assuming that you used the newest version with Guy Pierce). The biggest difference is probably the ommision of Haydee and Maximillien and Valentine (three of the main character) and the addition of Jacapo. Jacapo does is in the book, but he is never a large character. (This is a really long book, so I 'll just put in the basics). The three people that Dantes swears vengance against are the Count de Morcerf, Baron Danglars, Villefort. I 'll start with the simple one first. Danglars was one of the men that helped frame Dantes. He clawed is way up the social ladder because of his great wealth. He is very determined to keep it though. He abandons…show more content…
Ruined and alone, Mondengo shoots himself. Villefort was the prosecutor. He had an affair with Danglar 's wife and they had an illegitimate child together. The supposedly buried it alive years earlier. Villefort 's wife Heloise is devoted to her son Edward. Villefort 's daughter from his first marriage is named Valentine. She is also in love with Maximillian Morrel, the son of the captain who helped Edmond earlier. Heloise has been posoning Valentine so that her son will inherit everything (she actually poisons and tries to poison a lot of people, but Valentine is the only one that is very important to the plot). Edmond has been slipping Valentine an antidote though so that when she "dies" is will only be a sleep from which she will awake, in very Romeo and Juliet fashion. Danglars has been trying to sell his daughter into marriage with a man that says he is a prince. As it turns out though, the "prince" is actually the illegitimate child that was saved by the man who was supposed to bury him. The count sonpored him to come in the disguise of Prince Andrea Cavoralliti. Caderousse, a crook and the only person who helped that did not beomce rich later, tried to blackamail Andrea. He then kills Caderousse. Charges are then brought against him, Villefort admits in court that he is the father. He tries to flee with his wife and son (Valentine is already "dead") only to find that his wife poisoned herself and her son. He then goes mad and

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