Differences Between the North and South

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Tytiana Washington Apush Different Views DBQ For many years the North and the South tried to live in harmony even though they had opposing views. The North was slowly growing a strong hate for slavery while the South strongly depended on it. So for years they try to avoided confrontation, but the question of slavery still threatened to divide them. You see this in the Missouri Compromise – Maine would enter as a free state and Missouri would enter as a slave state, but in the rest of…show more content…
Many agreed that we must start to feed on a more substantial diet than that of proslavery politics and start infusing the spirit of liberty into all of our systems of commerce, agriculture, manufactures, government, literature and religion (Doc E). Many slaves soon revolted and started to speak out against the horrors of slavery. Some gave speeches, others wrote books and plenty listened. Like when the famous novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published 135,000 sets, 270,000 volumes were sold according to Document F. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an anti-slavery novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe and this book attributed to laying the ground works for the Civil War. Through this many Northerners started to see the true colors of slavery and realized how greatly slaves suffered from violence, abuse, separation, depression, labor, rape, nightmares, the threat of death and death itself. This only proved and increased the disgust toward slavery. Even politicians were greatly involved such as the Free Soil Party and organized bodies started to form like, the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, the American Colonization Society and the New York Manumission Society. The North declared that all men were born free and equal. The North and South became increasingly alienated and soon neither was willing to compromise over the issue of slavery. In result when Abraham Lincoln, who was anti-slavery, was elected president in 1860, Civil War soon broke out in 1861. America’s long
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