Differences Cultural in Chinese Food and Western Food

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寸 The Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Food Cheng Hoi Man Upper Iowa University Term 4 2012 – 2013 COMM 221(DT) – Intercultural Communication Ms. Jamie Ku 9th June 2013 The Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Food Abstract Food is one of the most enjoyable aspects of cultures to share. Every place has its own culinary delights to discover. Food culture can reflect the indication of human social development and improvement. In this paper, food ideas and values, food production, processing and other aspects of cooking, compared the consumer psychology of Chinese and Western food culture differences, and a brief analysis of both the future direction of development. By analysis of the differences…show more content…
Either their entire meal is served to them on this large plate, or there are centrally placed dishes that the diner serves themselves from. But, unlike the Chinese custom, in the West the diner will generally serve from the central dishes only once during a meal, dishing out the entire amount they expect to eat. They may return a second time (for 'seconds'), but generally no more than that. They would not take many small portions over the course of the meal. The western-style banquets, although the food and wine are very important, but when drinking to someone’s health, it should raise your glasses, but the glasses should not touch. The core of Banquet is friendship, by the conversation with the guests who sitting next to achieve the purpose of recreation. This shows that communication purpose of Chinese banquet and western banquet are very obvious. Only the Chinese banquet is more popular in the communion, but western banquet shows guests reflected the friendship between neighbors. The Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Food II. Differences Food Materials and Dinner Between in Chinese and Western The most common staple foods also differ between China and the West. The Chinese favor rice and noodles while potatoes and bread fill the staples slot for many western cuisines. The wide variation between different Western cuisines makes this generalization less accurate though. Certainly Italian cuisine, while welcoming bread, has pasta
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