Differences From My Family In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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Introduction: The short story called ‘Everyday Use’’ has multiple similarities and a few differences from my family. When I read this story I actually thought Mama’s family and mines was related,because we’re so much alike. Mama’s girls (Dee and Maggie) didn’t really have a bond they basically passed words more than they bonded. You’d think because they were sisters, they’d get along. I think this short story ‘’Everyday Use’’ the author Alice Walker did a very splendid job with this story with the specific details she gave in the story. Everyday Use was a really interesting story, it really caught my attention by reading the whole short story.

Main Idea #1: Being grateful for what you have.
Main Idea #2: Name changing
Main Idea #3: Shyness and self consciousness Supporting Details #1: Maggie was grateful for whatever mama gave her she didn’t complain.
Supporting Detail #2: I don’t complain about what I get because I know it’s people that don’t have
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Maggie doesn’t complain about what her mama gives her because she’s very grateful. I don’t complain because I know that some people might not be able to get the things that I get. Also thy could be in a worse situation than us to where they don’t get anything. You should always be grateful for what you have in life, because remember there’s somebody that didn’t get anything.

Dee decided to change her name to ‘’Wangero’’ because she says Dee is the name given to her by the people that oppresses her. I prefer to be called De or Dede because I’ve been called either one of those names my whole life and I’m just so used to it. Sometimes when people call me by my real name I forget that my name is Deasia because I’m so used to being called De or Dede. I feel as if Dee just changed her name because she was studying about their culture and she wanted to fit in with them and add a few changes to her
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