Differences In The Green Mile By Stephen King

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Many people get judged everyday and in some cases it is extremely bad, just like when everyone judged John Coffey. I read and watched The Green Mile by Stephen King in the book and the movie King tells the story of a very large man who is accused of killing two little girls. The only reason they think he did it because he was found holding the dead girls, and he is a very large man at 7 feet tall. However the book and movie have the same storyline and theme there still are big differences and similarities in the setting and time that changes some events. There are only a few differences in The Green Mile but the most major is that the book takes place in 1932 and the movie takes place in 1935. Even though it is only a few years difference it can change the way people acted, dressed, and their jobs. This is a big difference because the movie is now based further into the Depression, Which means that many more people had lost their jobs and were suffering more. …show more content…

John grabs Paul's hand and shows him the real story how Bill takes the girls from the porch and rapes and kills them. If Paul had not seen this then the him and all the other men would not have been as upset as they were when they had to execute John. During the execution Paul has to tell Dean and Brutus to wipe their face and so their jobs because they were crying. They were crying because they knew John was a good and man and does not deserve what is happening to him. Then after the execution when they have John in the back on a stretcher they give him his necklace back and they say their goodbyes for the last time.
In conclusion the book and movie had more similarities than differences and this is one of the reasons that I loved it so much. If the book and movie were completely different I would have been mad because the book was so brilliant that I could not wait to watch the

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