Differences In Verbal And Nonverbal Communication In Men And Women

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Late Friday evening, a young couple was finishing their Christmas shopping. The woman was steadily conversing with her husband while he gazed into the distance. He insisted that he listens to her and is attentive while she is talking. However, she utters in disapproval, there is no, way he listens when he does not look at her. This happens many times between couples or while speaking to the opposite sex. Men and women communicate remarkably different in body demeanor and communication intonation. Men and women use opposite strategies in conversation that cause misunderstanding. Likewise, both males and females decipher the others’ message differently causes misunderstandings. Men struggle communicating with women due to the differences in verbal and nonverbal communication.
Men find it difficult to connect with women through the difference in physical demeanor in nonverbal communication. Females function and contain a different body posture than men, which contributes to the misinterpretation of women’s communication. Women, “face each other directly, their eyes anchored on each other’s face” while “men sit at angles to each other and look elsewhere in the room” (Tannen “Sex, Lies”). A male’s posture tends to be more “expansive” and exposed. Men have this manner because “a more open posture will actually make you feel more powerful and confident” (Riggio). The difference in males and females’ posture provides room for confrontation and can bring the conversation to a halt.

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